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Project Trailblazer is a community of organizations who shape our bike-powered smartphone chargers for outdoor conditions. These efforts prepare our technology for widespread impact and give participants a peek into the future of motion-powered mobility.

Feel the Power.


Trailblazers are the first to test PedalCell's novel smart bike power source via bike-powered USB chargers. Our products deliver bicycle experiences unlike any other, charging phones up to 0-80% in 35 minutes. Cyclists can use power-hungry apps such as GPS without worrying about their battery running low.


All Trailblazer partners have products fit to their bicycle frames, ensuring accurate installation and astounding performance.



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Our team is seeking organizations that feature daily bicycle usage, can easily track their rides, and use smartphones (can be iPhone or Android-based). 

Fill out the form below if you think that your organization qualifies for the program and is interested in using our technology. A PedalCell team member will reach out to you if we believe you'd be a good fit.


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