Cycling Clean: Social Distancing Biking Tips

Now more than ever, we are focused on minimizing in-person contact and the outdoors. However, cycling is an excellent activity that can get you fresh air and exercise while fitting the social distancing status quo. Here are a few healthy behaviors to practice for your next ride:

Wash and Sanitize

Biking Gloves

Ensure that your bicycle is clean and washed down before and after riding. Avoid touching your face during your ride. Using cycling gloves can also be a good measure, however, wash them before and after each ride thoroughly.

Emphasis on "Solitary"

Solitary Biking

As with all other activities, governments around the globe are advising against gatherings of groups. These rules also apply to biking. If you do run into another cyclist on the road, keep a 6-foot distance.

Avoid Overexertion

Healthcare systems around the globe are under tremendous stress. Do not risk your health from overexertion or overtaxing your body, as medical attention can be limited. Instead, focus on familiar routes and rides that are well within your limit.


Using protective measures are of utmost importance. Lower your chances of needing immediate medical care and accidents by using helmets, avoiding busy routes, and keeping your lights on and charged.

Carry Communication

Don't get caught without a way to phone for help. Most routes are less busy than usual due to social distancing measures. If an accident does occur, you're less likely to have bystanders nearby to offer assistance. Make sure to keep your phone charged and nearby when on rides as a peace-of-mind.

As always, make sure to check the most up-to-date information on your local government's containmaint procedures. Ride safe!

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