The Purpose

Today, over 320 Million people use the bicycle as their main mode of mobility. By 2030, that number will be well over 600 Million. Technological innovation will accompany and drive this growth.  


Bikes are evolving to be safer to ride, connected to devices around us, and more fun to use. These include technologies for collision avoidance, navigation, electric propulsion, theft prevention, and more.


For these innovations to come to life, they will require a power source that doesn't need to be charged, is small in size, and, most importantly, delivers stable and capable power.


PedalCell's CadenceX platform is the first & only power source to meet these requirements, enabling bicycle technology to reach its fullest potential. 


We lead the bicycle on its next turn to be smarter than ever before, beginning with the power from our riders. 


We symbolize this mindset through our belief:  



As technology drives cycling forward,

the need for bicycle power rises.

Meet the Team

Vishaal Mali
Gar Waterman
Adam Hokin
Tarun Subramanian

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